ACS Gun Module Problem

Hello, I have an open interior system within my game. I also have the ACS Gun Module inside my game.

When interacting with the interior system, it teleports me just fine. However, when I press E or Q to lean with ACS module, it sends my flying off the map…

Does anyone know how to fix this?

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I don’t really know scripting that much but a pro tip for your post is to make sure to show the code so scripters can identify the glitch.

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First problem is using ACS.
I’m kidding, ACS is a great system, however with its flaws.

I suspect that the leaning system uses a last known position, and every time the player moves the character, it updates, But in this case its failing to update.

Purely speculation, Not 100% the case.

Perhaps send some snippets of code or and potential console output.