[Action Needed] Sunsetting api.roblox.com

apis.roblox.com == apis.roblox.com



The option to authenticate through cookie should still be a feature I agree but would be even better if they if they get the other API’s in the open cloud as well cuz it is more reliable with the API key.


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Great to see Roblox give some love to the well-deserving API endpoints. My only hope is that the endpoints all get a replacement before being removed, as others have addressed, but otherwise sweet!


The issue with the last online date sounds like a bug on our end. I will pass it along and see if we can fix it.


Regarding the timeframe when the replacement endpoints will be available, I don’t have any exact dates for you right now.

We will do our best to give you at least 1 month from when the replacement endpoints are available before we start removing the older endpoints. We know it’s important to give you time to switch over.

Regarding any endpoints from api.roblox.com not mentioned in the original post, can you share the URLs and what you are using them for?


Thank you sir. I saw my friend offline on the api website that said 10+ years. Good thing you’re looking into this

I will check if we can provide some rough estimates for when the replacement endpoints will be available.

We will circle back on this. Thanks for flagging it.

We plan to provide the replacement endpoint and then give you at least 1 month before we remove the older endpoint.

Great question. Long term we want to consolidate and have all our public API endpoints served from our API Gateway (apis.roblox.com), which will handle the routing for you. There are some technical changes we need to make before that is possible.

Would you mind posting this as a new thread in the Website Bugs - DevForum | Roblox section? We will definitely take a look.

We will make sure to provide a replacement endpoint and give at least a 1 month notice up before removing the existing /marketplace/productinfo endpoint.

We are already setting up an announcement on that page to link here. Good suggestion :grinning:


I would but I don’t have access to post in in the Website Bugs area cuz I am a member not a regular and the ranking up thing was paused. Really annoying you have to be a regular lol cuz I find bugs quite often with me on the dev forms basically daily lol.

The issue seems not to happen to everyone cuz I had someone the other day I did a commission for and they did not have the issue.

There was a post made on it a while back and I have been told that it is not IP based but region based by a few people.

Post which basically all web devs where sending to each other:

Found this if it is any help as well:

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Well I think this is good. Roblox is working on newer apis than old apis from what 2016 or 2015. So say goodbye to stupid old api.roblox.com from 2015 or 2016 and bugs. (I have no idea what is api.roblox.com because I never used it)

When can we have access in studio though?
most of the api is not possible to access without an proxy

How soon is the /marketplace/productinfo getting its equivalent?

rip old Roblox games and apps. :sob:

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roblox is the best at breaking compatibility


What about the online status, is that being retired?
And the problem with presence API?

To remove the ability to DDOS Roblox. If they allowed it, it would be problematic, as they could get a DDOS attack.

You have to provide a .ROBLOSECURITY cookie for the multiget-place-details API
Though it seems like you could just use game.GameId instead?


where is the api to convert a place id to universe id? To my knowledge it’s not anywhere in this thread. While that api endpoint was inside of api.roblox.com

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GET https://games.roblox.com/v1/games/multiget-place-details?placeIds=


For the marketplace API, aren’t there already built in functions, like MarketplaceService:GetProductInfo()?

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