[Action Needed] Sunsetting api.roblox.com

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If you’re sunsetting /users/{userId}/onlinestatus you’re going to need to fix the presence API’s last online date currently it returns 10+ years for people last online a few hours ago

Related bug reports:


Is there a general timeframe as to when the unreplaced endpoints will get their replacements? There are some pretty important ones in there (e.g. ProductInfo). There are also a lot of endpoints not mentioned in the OP. Will those get replacements?


If it improves the reliability that much to sunset such a major thing, it better stop Roblox going down every damn few days. I’d take that trade off.

Can you provide at least some form of basic timetable? Even a per-month basis will be enough.

Is this wording meant to be like this? apis.roblox.com == apis.roblox.com. I don’t see why you’d move endpoints there if you’re sunsetting it.

I just hope that this will finally be the necessary action to many of Roblox’s server reliability issues. That’d be a great trade off. If so, next stop is to finally stop server DDoS attacks.


Glad to see another legacy remnant of the site being sunsetted if it benefits Roblox in the long run. :pray:

As the others have mentioned though, some transparency/an estimated timeframe (if possible) for when the replacements of said decomissioned API endpoints will be ready would be nice so people relying on these endpoints know what to expect.


The new endpoint listed isn’t actually publicly documented yet, but regardless the endpoint still doesn’t return the productId necessary to update or fetch more data on a developer product. (see LegacyApi vs DevelopApi )

DevelopApi response:


id here is developerProductId

LegacyApi response:


For APIs such as POST /universes/create, will they be removed before the new endpoint is added?

It would make sense that they wait, and give appropriate time to switch over, but I wanted to make sure.

On another note, is there a reason there’s so many subdomains for Roblox’s API? If it internally routes to apis.roblox.com, why do we have so much subdomains such as games, users, presense, etc.? Why can’t those just be apis.roblox.com/games, apis.roblox.com/users, apis.roblox.com/presense?


I think what they mean is that they where planning to move all the endpoints to “apis.roblox.com” but due to the issues they have just decided to not move everything over. Unless I miss read the post.


Sad to see the api.roblox.com go but if it was causing issues I guess this update will be good.

I really wanna see more api’s put on the open cloud cuz it is a pain in the ass using cookies and with the recent update where cookies will get invalidated on a different region is also annoying.


api and apis are separate.

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How would you be able to remove an IP if you don’t know what you’re removing then? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


They could blur them and add a button to unblur them if you wanna view the IP

I think he or she is implicating the idea that there should be a streamer mode or something?

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I hope they aren’t sunsetting the onlinestatus.
I use it a lot on discord :confused:
And the presence API is just broken, it’s been broken for years…


it should only show part of the ip, realistically you wouldnt have that many to begin with

also does it email you if a change is made to the api key/a new one is added?

They don’t internally route to ApiGateway. *.roblox.com API services (excluding apis, ecsv2), known as BEDEV1 services, use internal *.api.roblox.com endpoints. apis.roblox.com, ecsv2.roblox.com on the other hand, route to BEDEV2 services, part of a newer micro-service architecture. This blog post also has a brief mention of BEDEV2.

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Why are HttpService requests to *.roblox.com blocked anyways?

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Good riddance, I remember when api.roblox.com was introduced it was so cool. Glad you guys are actively expanding this!

It would be very unfortunate if this end point was not ready by July 15th. I still use it in my catalog scraper (which is responsible for updating the available catalog in Robloxian High School), and having no alternative will mean it will be non-functional.


So they don’t get DDoS’d by their own servers.

I would have thought the HTTP request limit would prevent that. It would be hard to block the requests if it didn’t though I guess.