[Action Needed] Upcoming Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

On paper, yeah it seems like a fairly okay idea.
But in execution? It’s a massive roadblock, especially if you have thousands of sounds being used in a game.


its already too late.


Making an attempt to appeal to investors, apparently…
They need to consider us; the players, the developers, the people who make their platform their platform!

We’re the ones who have been making them money for 10+ years, we’re the people who caused the platform to become as popular as it is today.

The CEO needs to turn on his brain for 5 seconds and realize that this update is only harming the platform. We appreciate free audio uploads and all, but this is only bad for the community.


Check this petition Petition · Petition Against Private ROBLOX Music Assets - New Update · Change.org

Posted by someone I really hope roblox withdraw this update as its going to effect me badly and roblox market is alreddy falling to the ground.


I have 2 Place Visits and I have not DevEx’d or verified, but I get 2,000 Audio uploads a month



Will this impact plugins and how will this change impact plugins? For example, my plugin Studio Radio allows users to play audio tracks that are uploaded to Roblox, will they still be able to do that in the future?

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Well, moving Jailbreak over wasn’t as bad as I thought it’d be.
We had about ~60 sounds hit from this change and we were able to save a large majority. We should be good to go on March 22nd when this change rolls out.
Our biggest loss will be the classical music radio station which is understandable. Although these written pieces don’t have royalties attached, whoever plays them do.


@Judgy_Oreo That doesn’t change the fact It will break millions of game’s on the platform


As for scripts using ID’s, they won’t work in anyway which is sad when you realize! Most scripts on most roblox game’s will end up breaking and won’t work.

Powering Imagination

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May not do anything, but hey can’t hurt to give it a try. I’ll sign

How old is your account and are you a verified user?

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Boo! :mad: I don’t mean to sound rude, but this update is going to ruin most of the experiences on Roblox right now!

The fact that most existing audios in the game will be privated, combined with not being able to use other peoples uploaded audios in your experience will severely affect audio usage and will make it so much harder to get cool audio! :sad:

Not just that, but also making audios free to upload will certainly increase the number of troll and bypassed audios in the game.

Audio means A LOT to me! It really makes experiences amazing, and this update is going to make it more difficult to use audio. You will no longer be able to browse through the audio section of the toolbox to find cool user generated audios to use in your experiences, and that is really sad. :sob:

Not every developer can make custom audio themselves, and nobody wants to listen to default Roblox audio, no offense.

So that’s why I completely disagree with this update, and I hope it gets turned down before it’s too late. :mad:


It doesn’t matter if this is because of a lawsuit, its gone too far.

I’ve already made a previous point I won’t re-cover here, but I think its actually easier to just switch to a different game engine then deal with these recent updates.

The Animation blend fix only broke a lot of other things, and this current one will completely break thousands of other games. Something that kept me on this platform was the ease of access and the ability to easily create and play games globally. Now I’d have to spend days fixing things, just from 2 updates.

I’m sorry but if things don’t change I’m just going to start learning C++ and find a better program to work in. I can’t keep doing this.

If this is the standard, then why should I continue working when everything I work on can be changed or made useless by another update later on? Even if its a lawsuit, what’s stopping other companies from just filing ANOTHER lawsuit and making ANOTHER update like this one?

It’s just not worth it.


actually it’s 30k visits, i still have ten though (used 4 audio uploads as of rn)

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Ok, so I wasn’t hit very hard, just gotta replace a song on my game, probably another in a different one, and I’ll be set. Problem is idk how to compose any music. one of the songs i could probably replace with crab rave

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Seriously?? In that case, the 2000 limit makes absolutely no sense. Maybe it’s just active users that Roblox considers “trusted in the community” or something like that? We could really use some clarification.


I don’t even agree with this update.

Sure, it’s great to upload audio for free, but literally the main point of the audio catalog is that other players are able to use uploaded audio made by players/developers.

An audio CATALOG.


My account is from 4/16/2021 and I am not a verified user

there are no more audio ids? there goes my titlescreen system that relies on audio ids for music i gues…

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It seems the age of your account might be the reason for the 2000 limit.

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Please please please allow for usage of audio from the group’s owner; I have a lot of my audio uploaded to my personal account rather than my group’s. I don’t have access to the audio files uploaded to my profile (which I have uploaded years ago).