[Action Needed] Upcoming Changes to Asset Privacy for Audio

Amazing to see some changes being made to music! Hopefully some amazing creations will be created with this!

One question; Will the max upload for non-verified users ever be increased? I say this because 10 seems a little too small for users who may need more than that per month.


so now i can upload audios for free or what?


People uploaded audio in the first place for it to be public by putting it on sale, that audio should not be automatically disabled as it will break numerous games. Only existing audio currently set to private should be affected.


Will this affect licensing for audio assets in any way (Eg. Permission to use music/SFX that is copyrighted)?


The free audio part is good to hear!

What if they do? Will they still be able to upload audios but have to pay the fee?

I am a bit concerned though, how about moderation and bypassing? Wouldn’t this influx of new audios lead to poor moderation? Any plans to address that?


reminds me of animations- if you dont own it- you cant use it.


Maybe the one person who uploads audio can set at least that it can be used in other experiences? That’s very uncomfortable to upload every audio again


Some developers have a 2,000/month audio upload limit. Are their certain requirements not mentioned in the original post that make some people qualify?


If they’re not allowed to use those audios outside of their own games, the problem is solved, no?


I completely agree. While I welcome this update with open arms for many reasons, the deadline is rather short, and given the release schedule of our game everyone’s currently too busy with other things (or are unable) to reupload the ~250 music tracks to the group, meaning I’ll have to do it, and I do not have much time to do it.

I’d like to ask that this deadline is increased by a few weeks.


I’m wondering if those with the 10 audio/month limit are able to make audio public in the first place


Unfortunately, music soundtracks are used exponentially more than animations. This will break thousands if not millions of games.


I don’t think this is a good update, i know… free audios, but at what price since most games will break?
This will be reverted pretty soon, if you agree reply.


Why would that be a bug? That would be a weird place to have a bug.


Well, there goes the ENTIRE CATALOG OF AUDIO. Time to enjoy having literally no sounds whatsoever in any games for a good week-month.
Not to mention that’s multiple millions of robux completely gone down the drain since a large portion of genuine audio creators (eg car engine sounds) likely won’t ever unprivate their stuff for one reason or another (inactive, forgot about it, too lazy).

Sure, audio uploads are free now, but at what cost?
The already heavily stressed moderation person is significantly bogged down with people trying to bypass (don’t even get me started on how “bot hours” is a known issue with that) and making audios free is going to apparently fix that somehow.

You aren’t gonna dazzle me with “Hey look, you can upload for free now!”. This update is awful and will definitely not end well in any situation. I can’t see anything good coming out of this short OR long term. It’s too late to take this change back now though…


This is such an amazing change, so glad to hear!

It’s really going to benefit the new and small Developers, who now will not have to pay to upload Audio!

Really happy to see Roblox is still making strides benefiting smaller Developers, with Audio and the Badges becoming free as well, love it!

Although a downside to this I certainly see, is all those Audio tracks which will become Private. It’ll certainly break a LOT of games, especially games which are no longer being developed, and Audio that are under accounts no longer operated.

I can understand why you’d private basically all the audio, but at the same time, I can also see how negatively this could affect others games, it could also be worth not making all Audios private, and instead require the Author to contact Roblox, or make it Private on their own account.


they can just make the audio public. also, given the new use-grant feature, marketting and selling them will be easier than ever.


We use 2 groups that are created by the same creator, one of the groups is the development group where we work on the games and the other one is where we release the games.

Because of this change we will need to upload our audio on both groups. That’s is bad for the development flow and now we also need to put a lot of checks if we are on a development game or not.

Please make it so audio is allowed from the group A to B, C, etc when the group owner is the same person.

Edit: I just realized that we have to move over 100 uploaded audios (voiced character, etc) to the main group since we uploaded everything on the development group. But we don’t even have all of the audios still saved on our pc. Just Imagine when this comes for images, over 500 images are uploaded on the development group…

Edit Solved:
Problem is solved. Roblox did implement something to share between groups and anyone. Even in an automated way, you just need to share the assets with the account you uploaded it. Sharing can easily done when publishing the game as a pop up will show up.


I love this update, even though I’m a bit worried about some games which have more than 100 audio files, this update is still a really great update.


What if I reach the 10 audios per month limit? Can I still pay to upload more or not?