[ACTION RACER] Does My Game have a Chance?

2 -12 Players,
This is a Post Apocalyptic Action Racer, Inspired by the Motorstorm and FlatOut Games.

Set in various Wastelands, will soon even add Abandoned Urban Races to show more of the Post Apocalypse, Featuring Storms, Action Packed Racing, Crash Systems, Respawning and a Derby Mode

I would like to know what you guys think, such as what you hated the most, what you loved the most, and what you would also suggest, Thank you people for your attention Reading.



The screenshots look good, however the menu is a bit confusing, and GUIs are overlaying. Try making navigating easier. If the game is only playable if 2 or more players are in it, add a test track that defies the game’s concept. If the person playing already knows the game is good, chances are the will return with a friend. However, if they currently aren’t playing with a friend it will be unlikely for them to join when they see it’s only for 2 or more people.

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what about i hoist an event, record it, and add a trailer or gameplay video to the Games’ Page so people know what they playin?

also thanks for reporting the UIs overlapping bug, im assuming it was “DEALERSHIP” and “CAR SELECTION” in the Main Menu, that usually doesnt happen

A trailer is good too, but people should try out the gameplay for themselves also.

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Well thats for sure, i already made a Tutorial Mode, since like… how would i make a single player experience, no vehicular Ai, driving alone on Full tracks would be boring, hence a trailer with ingame free cam capturings would be a good idea to go about this, then when i attract enough people at once, maybe it’ll help starting the game, unless you got an idea on how i would go about making a showcase IN Game

A time race alone on a closed track would be a good way of letting the player try out the mechanics of the game.

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Not a bad idea Honestly, im assuming Time race alone means chasing a Time record Trackmania Style?
and then let there be events such as thunderstorms and destroyables and good scenery i guess

or what does Time Race mean?

It just counts how much time passes till you cross the finish line, and every time the race gets restart, the player tries to beat their own record.

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For a time race, its important not to be rng based. A time race should be fair and purely skill based for the player to have fun alone.

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yep, thats whgat i meant by trackmania style, beat a record, Thank you so much for the Idea! i think i could quite use it.

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for the singleplayer boredom solution ive instead developed a vehicular npc + currently developing a more advanced npc algorythm, idk if you could call it An Ai but it does learn and adjust to ongoing events and activity and from mistakes, however yeah, i still plan on making a time attack mode, but i pretty much made Ai NPC drivers, pure action now lol, would like to see those ai’s be replaced by active players in the future, but until then, ill be making the Ai better and adding the Real tracks (most of the current tracks and older ones have or will be removed and replaced with maps that have a much different map design),

Prior worries about the Ui design and confusion, all thats been fixed as i’ve finally made real Menus, ill soon also add vehicular customization and stuff like that,

The Project has long been renamed to “ROADHUNT”.
Thanks for your Support!,

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Hi. Shows great promise, but I have a couple of points:

  1. The camera is eratic. The position behind the vehicle changes vertically seemingly at random. Not fun. After hitting somthing, it then positioned itself close behind the vehicle which I could not change. At that point, I left.
  2. The dirt splats obscure vision. Perhaps that is intended, but they are frequent and don’t clear very fast.
  3. Barrels don’t explode, despite what gaming culture might tell you. They are also not imovable items. If they are intended to show the way, then at least make them non-collidble.
  4. The general direction a player needs to go needs to be fed to them by hits and cues. The men with diversion signs were too small to be seen from far away.
  5. Bridges blend in with the rest of the scenery, so couldn’t be seen until I crashed in to the water.

The snow spray on the car was great to see. The aggressive AI was fun to watch. Hopefully this will turn in to something cool.

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Barrels dont explode? that should not be the case!
are you sure youve hit them with your Car? or are you reffering to their real world behaviour

also the Dirt splats are supposed to look so much better but ive exported them into 24 bit removing all the png so ive had to make a cheap blur around them after removing the white screen so now theyre ugly, and i agree, they should be less large and should be removed quicker

and the camera is still work in progress, i have recently found some way i could possibly slow them down on the Y-Axis, however, the dynamic camera mode allows you to switch between back to front, left to right and vice versa cameras (just look around), but you are free to switch the camera mode with the button “V” which will give you a static camera mode,

there will be ingame “Tutorials” to these things, thanks for reminding me of the small but effective issues the game is currently facing, and glad to hear your faith in the project!

also if your camera gets stuck and it shows you the door entering thing despite driving, reenter the car, its a strange bug ive been trying to fix for a year lol.

and ive been looking to change the mud/snow or other sprays on the cars to be fully dynamic, but there are more important things to be worked on.

Apreciate you!

another thing, the guys holding the signs are only intended to show how a route has been changed throughout the race,

the current two tracks are just placeholders to let the gameplay shine, however, there are two racetracks work in progress, and im sure you’ll know where to go on those. atleast i hope so, and then that its not too bad