ActionNodes Devlog | Visual Coding plugin in development

Hello fellow Developers! I wish to introduce my first Plugin I’ll be working on inspired by the Unreal Engine blueprints system called, ActionNodes.

What is ActionNodes?

ActionNodes is a Visual Coding Plugin that allows you to connect Nodes to functions, events, actions, etc to easily create your games! ActionNodes will automatically compile once your finished by clicking the Compile button so you don’t have to write a lick of code!

What will ActionNodes provide?

ActionNodes will provide Component classes, this will allow you to attach your ActionNode Blueprint to a Instance of your choice using it’s built in Tag Editor. ActionNodes also provides it’s own built-in Events and Actions that you could use without writing an extraordinary amount of code!


ActionNodes is still in heavy development and has just started not even two days ago, we’re actively working on this Project and hope to have it released by hopefully in two months, we’ll keep you updated for those who’re interested in this Project, here’s a quick snippet of what we’ve done so far…

Very soon we’ll get the Nodes implemented and working, our inspiration comes from the Unreal Engine blueprints below

This is what we will achieve and provide every Developer a easier and better method in Programming in Roblox Studio.

(We’re also trying to actively create one for Visual Studio Code, whether it be possible or not)

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Create a resources topic when it’s ready, not now.

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Alrighty, appreciate it. Didn’t think this would fit in creations-feedback since this category did say Showcasing Plugins, didn’t specify whether it being done or not.