Activated event fires inconsistently on non-ScreenGUI buttons

The Activated event does not fire consistently on any GuiButtons that are in a BillboardGui or SurfaceGui. This does not happen on any buttons inside of a ScreenGui. The MouseButton1Up event fires consistently, so I’ve temporarily resorted to using MouseButton1Up for all my SurfaceUI.

This happens in-game and in-studio, and this issue happens 100% of the time. I test with a controller on PC however I have been told that it happens on XBox as well.


  1. Create a SurfaceGui / BillboardGui
  2. Put any GuiButton into it.
  3. Connect a function to .Activated, and it will not fire most of the time.

Video of the Issue

This is recorded in studio with a controller however I have been told that it happens on xbox too.
The repro file used in this video is here:
AnnoyingXBOXrepro.rbxl (24.8 KB)



Thank you for reporting this issue! I was able to reproduce the issue with the place that you provided using a wired Xbox 360 controller. We now have a bug in our backlog to address this problem.

Thanks for providing a detailed account of this problem!


Just tested with a wired Xbox One controller. Surface Gui worked until it hit 80 activations, then it let me get to 119 before activating again.

Billboard Gui let me get to 28 before registering the 5 activated events…

Ah ok that’s good to know - thank you for providing additional info re: this issue!