.Activated not working for specific buttons

I have a script for a sell button, and it works, on PC, but not on mobile. What is confusing me the most is that I can hover over it just fine, and other textbuttons still work. I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHY THIS HAPPENS, 2 of my buttons in-game don’t work (sell and another button), while every single other one works. Any help?


Is the .Active property set to true on those buttons?

yep, it is on.

character limit

Are you using MouseButton1Click?

I stated in the title that I’m using .Activated

And it is a TextButton? Or is it something else?

it is a TextButton, yes.

Try changing .Activated to .MouseButton1Click

I have already tried that, that was when I realised the buttons didn’t work on mobile, so I switched every button that had MouseButton1Click to have .Activated

Are you catching these event by server script? Activated and other button events works strange if you connecting them on server as I saw.

not sure what you mean, but I’m assuming you’re asking if it’s a local Script or server script? It’s a local script. Correct me if I’m wrong.

Yeah, that what i was asking. Only what i can suggest it to put prints to see what running.

Already tried, matter of fact, I have a script to play a button animation when it’s pressed, and it doesn’t play it. Also doesn’t print.

Is your script under one of these containers?

not directly under, inside the sell button

By under i mean descendant, in simple words, local script wont work in workspace

well then, StarterGUI.


There’s also the InputBegan event that TextButtons have which you can test like so:

local textButton = script.Parent

local function onInputBegan(input)
	if input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.MouseButton1
	or input.UserInputType == Enum.UserInputType.Touch
	or input.KeyCode == Enum.KeyCode.ButtonA
		-- Run code inside here, example:


And the GuiState property seems to be working now in Studio so you can try this too:

local textButton = script.Parent

local function guiStateChanged()
	if textButton.GuiState == Enum.GuiState.Press then


If none of the options work, then you might have another Gui with a higher ZIndex that’s positioned in front of the TextButton that’s accidentally receiving player input instead of the button

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