[ACTIVE] Concept UI Pack


Hello there, fellow reader. I’ve been making Graphic Design for roughly 2 months now, and I’d like to show my progress. Here’s my 2 Week Creation!

It’s a concept that I called Water Gun Simulator. Basically I’m using this for my portfolio examples and want to made it perfection so I’m looking for feedback on how to improve as well as some tips and tricks. Hopefully you like/enjoy and thank you for reading, bye!


Like what I’m making? If you’re interested in hiring me you can send me a message on the DevForum or a message on Discord at Amazin#2931.


You’re off to a great start in terms of cartoon ui. One thing I would recommend is branch out into different genres so you can show that you know more on your portfolio. Realistic, horror, anime etc etc. That way people can have more confidence in hiring you.

Keep up the great work.


Hello, thank you for responding to my post, as you said, I should learn to make Realistic horror, anime etc, how do you think I should do that? By Watching YouTube videos, DevForum posts?


Yeah that’s pretty much it. Actually what I did was literally brute search realistic ui or horror ui roblox on the web, and I tried to remake stuff I found. That way you can see what turns out good, what doesn’t, and keep what’s good on your portfolio. I don’t find youtube that helpful for me in the ui field, but that may just be me you can try it out.


Thank you very much for this information, it’s very helpful, and I hope you have a great day!


You did a nice job on them, but there’s still a lot of room for improvement.

This might just be personal preference but imo the water guns here should be in front of the text, not behind it.

The coin here shouldn’t be touching the border, make it a little smaller so it fits better.

Is it just me or is the water gun image here a little stretched?

The “Codes” and “Settings” (both “Settings”) texts are touching the border, the texts need to be scaled down so they fit better. Additionally, the “X” is covering the “Settings” text, another reason why it needs to be scaled down a bit.

“Codes” over here merges with the text under it, it needs to be made a little smaller so it fits.

Additionally, a lot of things are asymmetrical.

It looks nice overall but there are a ton of little things that make it look sloppily made.


Hello! Thank you for replying to my post, I’ve read your solutions to my UI Pack, here’s are the fixed versions of the problems.

Fixed Versions

A. Water Gun Simulator Logo

B. Coin Logo Not Centered

C. Stretched Water Gun Icon

D. Settings & Codes Border Text Issue

E. Settings Text Overlaid by Close Button

F. Codes Blending in with Text Underneath


There is alot of misalignment, uneven padding and bad contrast (UX). I also recommend scaling a few things down so that they dont conflict with other ui elements.


Hello, thanks for replying, I’ve fixed some things, you can see above your post. Do you recommend I fix anything else? Since I know your a UI Designer.

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