Active Friends Scroll

Hey there,

So I am always trying to connect with my Roblox friends and join them in-game. However, it is really annoying to have to search through all of my 174 friends to find one person’s game. My recommendation is that Roblox implement a scroll arrow on the Home page, (like the one found on the profile group page).

This will allow someone to quickly find which of their friends are online, as well as an easier way to join them in-game.

Here is what I am talking about.

I know my photo-editing is awful and rough, but something like that would be super helpful, and make searching for friends 100% more efficient.


I think a better solution to this would be to add more sections in the actual friends page. For example, a tab for “online”, “ingame” and “studio” in addition to the normal list and friends request.


I feel like the studio tab would be kind of redundant. I’d support this idea if there were 2 tabs; ingame and online. Ingame would, obviously, show only people in game, but online would show everyone online, not just people with the blue Online icon, but people ingame and on studio too.

Going to bump this topic as it would benefit many Roblox users on the platform, but there isn’t any update on this at all? It’s been 3 years and not having a single word or update is starting to bother me a lot.

^ You also have to go on the Friends page to view all of your friends which I don’t like doing at all.

Anyway, having a horizontal scroll for the friends or a button to move left or right would actually be very beneficial and neat for users who have over 75 friends that they want to chat, join in their game and maybe collab inside studio! Having this can also save time for friends across the platform to play games together when they’re bored and possibly other stuff.

That idea is actually kind of nice to add as I would personally want that on the Home Page instead of flipping through page by page or refresh the page many times.

I would love this to be a feature onto the website as many of my friends and users argue that it’s a bit difficult finding out what your friends are up to or chat with them for a bit, support!