[ACTIVE-ISSUE] Error code 517

Hi all,
Recently, together with my friends, we decided to launch our new game in BETA version, but the problem is that players are facing the error CODE 517, when the servers reach 5-6 players, it just kicks all players . from the server This happens every 1-2 hours.

We really need help or any response to fix this issue asap. Thanks!

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This page has some information on it https://appuals.com/fix-roblox-error-code-517/

Also, can you link the game?

It’s pretty weird that this happens to every single server, usually the server gets shutdown…


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Look through every script to see if there’s anything malicious going on.

Also, you might want to move this to #help-and-feedback:game-design-support. Might be a more fitting category for this. :happy3:

95% of scripts/systems are made by me. We’re just using 2 frameworks which are TopbarPlusV2 and DataStore2.

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Hm. Well I’m stumped. This could be a Roblox issue, but I’m not sure about that. Hopefully someone a lot smarter than me could help, good luck fixing it!

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Issue fixed! Weapons were corrupting the Ping Average.

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