Active player count is different cross-page

Reproduction Steps
Look at the icon of a game, and keep note of the player count it states. Then, visit the game page and read that player count.

Expected Behavior
I expect the statistics to be the same.

Actual Behavior
The player count is different below an icon versus the game page.




Issue Area: Roblox Website
Page URL:
Impact: Low
Frequency: Often


Probably some players join / left experience while your page was loading.

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I don’t think it gives the accurate result as the number of active players on the game’s page. It can be reproed with a few simple steps, but I don’t know if it is relevant to the issue above.

I have all my plugins disabled.

I’m in the studio while the image shows the number below the icon.


When I look at the page of my game, apparently, there is nobody playing it, but I expect it so.


Neither players nor servers exist.


Nope, refreshed right before I clicked the icon.

Hey everyone, I talked to one of the engineers, this is expected behavior. Gonna close it out.