Activity Tracking suggestions?


Hello! Does anyone happen to know if there are possibly any ways to log in-game activity? This would include when the player joins/leaves the game, and additionally how long they’ve been in-game totally.

If you have any suggestions/ways of this topic, that would be much appreciated. Thank you!

You can use the GameAnalytics Roblox SDK for this I believe. Makes the whole process much easier.

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This is the wrong category as its nothing to discuss. If you’re talking about scripting wise it should fall under scripting support

Oh, right. I apologise for that, it’s my first time creating this post.


Don’t mention it, the solution should also go towards spear.

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Spear’s method is an option.

However, you could also track their activity through a Datastore. Once they join the game, you could track their seconds (convertible into minutes/hours) and then store this in the database.

Every time they join/leave, you would use IncrementAsync() to increase that time.

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