Ad click-through rate is drop down so badly

I’ve put 8 ads, yes you heard it right 8 ADS and none of them reach 1% click through rate.

I think it decrease down due to the audience who see the ads are older (because of Roblox new advertisement rule).
Any tips on how to make an ad that appeal to an older audience?

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You have such a low bid that the numbers would be totally scuffed. There just isn’t enough exposure to receive a plausible ctr. Try spending at least in the hundreds as that would give you better results.

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Ad click-through rate is based on what the impressionists too. If your ad picture looked horrible, that might be a cause.

Also, aside from your issue, I don’t suggest advertising your game to get players. If someone does manage to click on your ad and they see nobody playing, they won’t play! So, the solution is developing a strong community. You can do this by sharing your game on YouTube and with friends. Now remember, everyone’s success story is different; that’s the challenge.

im putting on 8 ads with low bids because i wanna test which ads do the best. but none of them reach 1% is just terrifying. The picture might’ve be the cause, but 2 out of 8 is a what I put lot of work on and it still doing bad. I’ve got some small fanbase that wait for test my game, this is just ad trial. Anyway, thanks for all the suggestions tho!

it’s not worth distributing your robux into 8 ads at a bid of 20, the sample size is too small that a handful of people clicking the ad can have a huge distortion on the performance compared to bids of 1000 or above etc

I have a budget of 5000 bux, I can’t afford that much for an experiment

ya ok so go with 500 it’s still better than doing sets of 20 because small data is better than unusable data. also dont continue with ads if the 500 one flops, focus on improving the experience until you’re comfortable with another round

If i spend 12 robux for my Game, i get 55 Clicks, it has also to do if the Game is good or not.

I don’t think its about the game itself tho. but gotta agree on small bid, 3 months ago my friend put only 10 bux and got 14 click. Mine put 20 and it at most 3 : (