Ad for an upcoming game I made

Honestly I was risking everything while making this, as I wasn’t sure myself that this composition will work out as I plan. This could’ve been a lot worse. The raw renders were just trash which got me really worried.

Somehow able to make them into this:


That looks phenomenal! Your risks paid off very well, I love how the red and blue blend in really well.

The only thing I would add is probably the game’s name in fancy white text (times new roman style or something like that), or a game slogan/phrase.

Great job, keep it up, and good luck with your upcoming game!


Late reply but I’d like to share my feedback as well. Love the classic red and blue lighting and dusty finishing touches. A pretty common concept that nonetheless never goes wrong.

The only complaints I have are that,

The police officers skin also looks quite blotchy somehow. It kind of looks like you airbrushed his skin. It probably has something to do with how you edited it.

Like what Nes said, there should be some text to tell people what you’re advertising. People will be more hooked if they are given the necessary information. Just a gfx of a police officer and SWAT person is too vague— are you advertising a game or group? Is it one of those jailbreak games or is it focused on actual combat? If they have to spend too much time analyzing and processing an ad, they lose interest.

Yea, I could agree with you about the skin, but I sort of tried to yassify it.

And funnily this is not for my game lol, this was for someone who commissioned me
I should’ve put more attention to the punctuation xd.

Thanks for feedback <3

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