'Ad Free' Inaccuracy on Upgrade Membership Page

On the Upgrade Membership page, the Free membership column shows a No under the ‘Ad Free’ row.

External ads used to be displayed for all non-builders club Roblox players. Today, regardless of your membership status, you see Roblox ads. A correction should be made to the page as some players who decide to upgrade may interpret this as not having any ads displayed on the website.

Consider changing the No to a green checkmark like the other memberships or completely remove ‘Ad Free’ as a row on the page.


Maybe they could simply change it to “External Ad Free”.

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This has been on the platform for… a really, really long time now, and they seem to be releasing a new form of paid membership in the near future, so this is unlikely to be changed

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The page has been updated and this issue no longer persists.

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