Ad scheduling for the site

Every day, I run the same ad for the same amount at the same time. It would be nice to have a feature where I could select an ad and have it do this automatically for me. If I don’t have enough robux left to run the ad, the ad would automatically get removed from the schedule.

Ad scheduling could also have some more advanced features, such as:

  • Only run the ad for a certain amount of days
  • Bid different amounts dependent on the day / date
  • Run ads only on certain weekdays or dates (think automatic holiday themed ads)

If this was implemented, then you could also see ahead of time an estimated impressions you’ll get.

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Considering how requests for automation of othersuch features on the site were received, I’m afraid you’ll have to make a bot of sorts for this instead.

The ad system on the website needs a massive overhaul. This would be a great step toward improving the system.

I work for an advertising technology company so it’s no surprise that I dislike Roblox’s advertising system. The analytics suck and there is no targeting.


I think they should overhaul the system so it’s more like ad campaigns instead of ad sessions. Instead of running an ad for a single 24 hour period, you could determine the span of the duration of your ad campaign and maybe how much you want to spend each day, or how many impressions you want to achieve each day. Then the site would figure out the rest of the logistics and run the ad campaign for me.

This could be made with a bot, but why would Roblox want to force their developers into creating workarounds and 3rd party tools when Roblox could just simply provide their developers with the tools they need. I understand that a lot of the suggested website features that can be implemented using plugins and extensions aren’t official because they would worsen the new user experience, but that doesn’t matter in cases like this where it is a feature solely meant for developers.


I agree an overhaul is needed desperately!