Add ‘Remove from Profile’ for Limited Items on Roblox Mobile App

The Issue
As a Roblox developer, and a limited item collector, it is currently hard for me to remove from my profile the Limited Items that I’ve already sold or either I want to hide in my inventory. I want to keep my inventory private at times, and there’s no feature for mobile to remove from the user’s profile the limited items they placed to be shown on profile.

Feature Request
In the Roblox App, notice there is no ‘Remove from Profile’, feature for limited items, so I would like to request a feature where they’d add a button for removing a limited item or normal accessory in their profile. The feature would simply go, as the user pressed or used this profile, the limited item or the user’s accessory would be removed from visibility in it’s profile.


Computer/Mobile Website version

Notice the button that says ‘remove from profile**

Mobile Application version

Notice, it lacks the feature of ‘Remove from Profile’

If Roblox could add this feature, it would be very helpful, as the accessibility to remove an accessory from a user’s profile is more easier, as they could just remove it in the app version, and no longer required to access the website version, or their PC.