Add a Basic Summary of SetCore in the Object Browser

Although I have not experienced this issue in particular, I’ve noticed quite a few users mentioning that it is inconvienent to have to go to the wiki to find out what SetCore accepts as valid arguments, or even to find out what it does. The current entry in the Object Browser is nearly non-existent, and I believe that a basic one could alleviate some confusion for future and current users.

This is the current entry:

There is not even a basic summary on what the method does, and certainly no in-studio way to check what SetCore accepts as valid arguments. I suggest that a summary be added explaining that the method allows interaction with the CoreGUI and a link to the full article, at the least, and a summary and a list of valid parameters be added at the most, although the latter is a hit impractical. If the former option is taken, it shouldn’t take more than a minute or two to add, and it would make the Object Browser more informative.