Add a big red flashing developer piece of text!

This was going in forum feedback till I decided it may be slightly stupid

Day by day it becomes more clear that this is becoming less like a developer forum and more like a roblox forum, so I thought we could just give new members a subtle nudge to remind them where they are, and by subtle I mean a big red flashing one.

I would like to propose the text in the navigation bar (highlighted in the picture below) is replaced by a a big flashing red developer sign for members just to make it extra clear that this is a developer forum, not a documentary about the weird way the roblox tagging system works.

I feel this is a gentle way to remind members why they are here and what they can do here without implementing a load of new restrictions which would make this forum less public then it already is.

I would rather this change were not implemented for regulars since I don’t feel its very ashthetically pleasing to look at and would drive me slightly nuts after a while.

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