Add a "Bookmark" feature to the translator portal

As a translator who’s main job is to fix someone else’s translations, it it incredibly hard to keep track of your progress.

Currently, the only way to really do this is by writing down what was the last entry you worked with and hope that you don’t have to skip a lot of strings in the process.

Since the translator portal filter defaults to translated, not translated and alphabetical it gets hard to pick off where you left off. This already makes things hard, especially if you’re doing this in a span of a few days, as the strings shuffle around every time you open the table. This is the same thing as trying to read a very boring book without a way to mark your page when you’re done for the time being. You’re bound to read the same page a few times.

This solution would require for the portal to not shuffle around strings and save filtering preferences that would be already set.

If Roblox were to address the issue, this would make resuming work much faster and overall work would take less time as it will be less time consuming to look for the entry you left at without needing to scan for potentially new strings while at it. It would also lower the chances of us missing new strings that require our attention as we don’t miss them while in the process of trying to pick up our work.