Add a category in the report section for "I can work as x" posts

The Talent Hub is meant to be a collaborative space for users to find commissions or full time positions. Overall, it is an incredibly amazing tool and asset that one can use to expand their projects with talented users. One key issue that sometimes hinders it are the users who misuse the space.

As a Roblox developer that actively scours the page for new work on a daily basis, it is incredibly annoying to find the “I am an X, plz hire!” posts in the “Find Jobs” section. Besides the fact that they’re not supposed to be there (as the premises of the Talent Hub overall suggests), it takes away from the people who posted before the user has as their post is being pushed down by an inconsiderate developer.

What is more annoying is that there is no easy way to really report those posts besides marking it as something else and adding in the description that they’re misusing the site. If Roblox were to address this issue, it would take faster to report those posts and it wouldn’t end up in the pile of miscellaneous reports that don’t fall under the same category thus speeding up the process of removing the post overall.

What I think could be done is to also have an extra prompt when you go to make a job offer is that self-advertising isn’t allowed when you open the “Post a Job” section for the first time. While I recognize that it could be ignored, it at least can help the developer, who is about to misuse the section, make a double take on their actions.



Thanks for raising this - The ‘Jobs’ section is for Jobs only, and not requests for work as you rightfully point out. I will flag this with the moderation team, but also you can report these as ‘Off topic’, and they can get another moderation pass as well to ensure the Jobs section is kept clean.

Meanwhile, we’re thinking about how to onboard new users to Talent Hub in the best way, so that they know what each section is for.