Add a ColorSequence prompt when coding

As someone that ends up having to work with ColorSequences in code a lot, it would be extremely useful to me if typing in{}) and then clicking between the table resulted in a similar prompt that already gives. I’d really prefer not to just store Beam’s or ParticleEmitters throughout the scripts just to reference their color.

Editing a ColorSequence would preferably prompt you with this window (the same one that you get when editing the color of a Beam or ParticleEmitter):

And then it would generate a table with matching ColorSequenceKeypoints:

This would save me a lot of time.


This would make working with color sequences in code a lot more accessible and easy to visualize. It’s a massive drag currently to work with these because I cannot preview the data in code, or else I need a container instance. This would be useful for defining customization color ranges in config modules, creating gradient effects programatically on multiple UI elements at once, etc.