Add a dedicated 'welcome' area sub category of the lounge

It can be quite tedious to see a load of welcome threads in the lounge with little/no discussion and mostly a lot of copy pasta of welcoming new members.

If people still want to make welcome threads in the welcome area sure go ahead, I’m sure some people will welcome them there.

As stated by gollygreg as well;

[quote] if thats the case we might as well rename the lounge to “John’s Undies”

The issue is that it’s hard to keep track of what’s what in each thread and not much discussion occurs other than “hi here are the things you should know” which is fine.

A lot of the time though people end up repeating themselves for each welcome thread and it seems unorganized [/quote]

Would be appreciated and would certainly help to keep organisation [size=1]i like organised things[/size]

But that kind of makes no difference to the “Recent Topics” page, which a good chunk of people only use

[citation needed]

Regardless I don’t think this is necessary. It’s not like the “Hi I’m new here” threads are any more jarring than the “Look at this news article!” and “Look at my funny meme!” threads.

[citation needed].[/quote]

No. Not only did I not say “most people use”, Recent Topics is right up in your face every hour of the day. No one told me to use it – I found it on my own, so I would imagine at least a good chunk of people use Recent Topics. Oh, and there’s also this well-trafficked thread that wouldn’t exist if people didn’t use Recent Topics. That was a silly thing of you to post – let me just go and tell someone that they need a citation for stating that a lot of ROBLOX users use the “My Forums” section of the ROBLOX forum. No – that’s common knowledge, and it doesn’t need a citation.

I don’t think we need a specific place for welcoming new members; they’re a rare enough occasion that the Lounge works well enough. I find most topics in the Lounge to be tedious anyway; most don’t get a lot of discussion and few get more than 20-30 posts.[sup]Source: I briefly looked through the three most recent pages of the Lounge[/sup]

Also I never use the ‘Recent Topics’ thing.

I only use recent topics. Never used or browsed through the index page before.

Actually, they technically should be in the Inception forum instead of the Lounge, but oh well.

IMO, Lounge is too broad of a board anyway. Roblox topics shouldn’t go in the lounge at all, but there is no where else to put miscellaneous ROBLOX topics

That was not what GollyGreg was implying, in fact the thing that should be done - is the new members should introduce themselves on the "New Members [date here]" threads that Becky post.

Also known as keeping shit to one thread so that you don't have a tonne of threads regarding the same subject cluttering up the forum.

That's also another way to keep things organized, to me it didn't feel like that was meant to be implied so I came up with this idea.