Add a group of people for features

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to suggest features for the Roblox platform as a member of the DevForum. The easiest solution (as of now) would to be adding a group of people that members can message called @Feature-Support.

If you don’t know already, there is already something like this for bugs called @Bug-Support. Having a new group of people would improve my experience + a few thousand other users using the forum because members can easily suggest features.


That was exactly how Post Approval worked, but because of backlogs, they closed that structure.

I guess reintroducing the criteria and using a “Post feature request” wizard would help a lot, as by using wizards, people actually fill in the required information.

I agree that the PM group is a good temporary solution, it’s better than nothing. It sucks that most people on the platform can’t let their voice be heard, because of this fixed regular structure. Would be nice if the DevEngagementTeam could be more transparent about the development of the promotion criteria.

Post Approval is here but only for bugs.
Its ran by a different group of people btw

It’s indeed a good temporary solution, but they shouldn’t reinvent Post Approval as that caused long delays for approval.

This would be the temporary solution until they have a new system for features.

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I definitely agree and a temporary solution should definitely be added while we wait for them to implement a new system. The fact that this issue has been going on for over a year is just outrageous.

A PM would most likely work just like old Post Approval, so I do not know if it would be much of benefit since the same issues would be present once more. A solution that could possibly work is the ability to continue the automated ranking-up system (with manual approval before promotion). Having suspended the promotion system, many uses who would otherwise quality for promotion are stuck in the Member rank and are restricted from performing Regular activities on the forum, even though they should be. I am certain many people are eligible for promotion to Regular, and opening up the promotion system once more would assist in this issue.

If the promotion to Regular is not working as well, a combination of the two could be implemented. A third rank could be added to the whole, between Member and Regular. The rank would have the same permissions as the Member rank, with the exception that it could make a request to a new Post Approval team. The rank would only be obtained by active or veteran members of the DevForum who might not quite qualify for Regular yet. That way, the Post Approval team is not flooded with hundreds of requests (of which many are spam or junk), as the only people who could use the Post Approval process would be people who have build a small trusted reputation on the forum, whether by their activity or the topics and reach they have created. This would also fix the ranking issue, as the rank “Member” tends to have a huge mix of people, from people who just joined the DevForum to people who have been active here for a year and are not ranked Regular. People who are active and have somewhat build up a reputation would fall under this rank, which would give them the trusted privilege of making a Post Request.

Either way, some temporary solution is definitely needed in the meantime as I do not believe that Roblox will be releasing their new system any time soon.

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Please request to join @AllowFeatureRequests to show your interest in posting in feature requests. We will update at some point in the future when we have more to share about feature requests. We will use that join request queue to gauge who would be interested in joining, and to help us prioritize the work by showing how many people are interested.