Add a group roleset permission to edit lower rank roleset permissions

As a Roblox developer, it is currently difficult whenever the group owner of a group is offline when he or she needs to make changes to group role permissions or the group’s description (such as making a group on manual approval whenever there’s a wave of scam bots, etc.)

As for all group administrative actions, these changes should also be logged in the Group Audit Log.

I am suggesting to add a new group permission "Manage lower-rank member permissions"

  • Can change the permissions of lower-ranked roles
  • Can change the “Manual Approval” and “Anyone can Join” setting and the “BC requirement” setting

Some perms should probably be limited, in which these are conditions wherein the group owner has to be the one to grant the permission:

  • Require “Manage allies and enemies” perm to change “Allow enemy declarations”
  • Require “Manage allies and enemies” to change the group description and logo
  • Require “Manage rank of lower-ranked members” to add or remove roles
  • Require “Manage group funds” to change “Group funds are publicly visible”
  • Require “Edit group games” to change “Group games are visible on the home page”
  • Otherwise, these permissions could be consolidated into separate role permissions.

What the rank should not be able to do:

  • Cannot change the permissions of the current-ranked or higher-ranked roles
  • Cannot change the 0-255 rank number (the owner should be the only one to do so)
  • Cannot change the group owner (obviously)

In addition, I think only the group owner should be able to edit more powerful permissions such as:

  • Spending group funds
  • Editing group games
  • Kicking lower-ranked members

By allowing certain ranks other than the group owner to edit group permissions, it will provide more control over the group by technically allowing a “co-owner” role that can assume most of the duties of the group owner. I think this suggestion should be expanded as much as it can.


Being able to create and delete rolesets would be preferred as well. This can include department directors adding a role specific to a department, group owner being offline but a role set has been discontinued and needs to be deleted, a developer experimenting with changes in group ranks, etc. I posted a new Feature Request which can be found here..