Add a link to the experience details page on the Creator Dashboard experience page

As a Roblox developer, it is currently impossible to get to the experience details page from the Creator Dashboard’s experience page.

This is 60% of the reason why I go to the Create tab on; to find my dev game and jump to the experience details page so I can test in-client and/or post the link in my Discord server to get some people to help me test something.

There is a way to do this from the grid view before the experience page, but this is unintuitive and I should not have to navigate back to use a little context menu if I impulsively click on the game tile that I’m looking for. I am used to clicking on the game tile on the Create page, and I cannot do that here, so I make this mistake frequently.

At the very least many of the options in this context menu should also be available from the full experience page. This would streamline my experience and make this website much more usable.