Add a new global variable, _S

For use in the command bar or scripts ran in Studio, _S would be the same as writing game.Selection:Get().

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I don’t see what this could hurt. _S={} could also become game.Selection:Set({})

I sorta disagree. I don’t think it’s right to create a global variable just for this purpose. Global variables should be used for more important things.


This is the kind of thing plugins are for. Just made this real quick.

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This is what Plugins are for, sorry, but I think this is an waste of the global environment.


I hate global values.


If it is only limited to the command bar, then thats fine. I mean, the command bar should be a quick way to do some short script snippets, so there should be lots of shortcuts available.

If its an actual script or a plugin, then readability and such are more important, its more practical to make a module or your own shortcuts, and the relative cost of typing out the full statement is lower. So only for command bar.


The underscore makes it look like a hack, and the name is just a single letter which doesn’t really describe the global. math, shared, etc are self-descriptive global names. Also I don’t see any use case for this in production environment, seems it’s most useful for plugins and command bar.

The problem I see with this is that it adds unnecessary redundancy and clutters the global scope


we don’t want rbxlua to become PHP tyvm


Does loadstring work for plugins? If so, maybe its easiest to just write a custom command line plugin?

Also, why wont my stupid toolbar auto-minimize so I can post this message, how do I force it…
Ok, had to right click all the minimized tray icons one by one and then it closes. Makes sense. Not.

Global variables kill. Just ask a certain car manufacturer…


If not this, at least allow us to keep the same environment in the commandline…
Having an option “Keep environment” would be ideal.
(especially if it also adds a rightclick option ‘Create new environment’ for when env is screwed)

Perhaps this is a better solution?