Add a previewer to VideoFrame/Videos

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to preview a video inside studio or on the website to see what they look like with the animations, how they sound, and how long the duration of the video is as it would be crucial for us developers and hard to see the quality of the new videos.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because I can see what videos look like whenever on the website or in-studio or how they sound whenever viewing the VideoFrame, but as well as saving time and risk not having studio crash for slow or big and open-world games that access a lot of storage and game clients that have a broken video thumbnail (probably a separate bug report/topic) and such.

With the new release of the VideoFrame instance/property arriving in Roblox Studio or the Roblox engine, it is a bit difficult for us developers and users across the Roblox platform or studio to see what a video looks like and how it sounds in-game for users to see and experience the wonderful videos that Roblox or Roblox developers have made it has been lacking a certain feature that will ensure developers to save some time!

There are some workarounds such as testing the game itself in-studio or in-game, but for low-end devices or developers who rather have an easier way to preview the video itself, it can be very buggy or slow for some of these developers like me with a lot of apps and websites open for scripting and private stuff.

In the toolbox, you can preview these videos as it could be efficient but for some like me, I don’t like using the toolbox to preview or have it open whenever I’m inside studio. Having a preview inside the properties of a specific VideoFrame would beneficial than having an extra tab opened.

Here is an image/video of this current behavior in the toolbox:

A plugin might be useful for this, but I feel like having this installed onto the properties tab/section would be more useful and unique for us developers on the platform/studio. Resources have been made on the forums and in the plugin toolbox in #resources:community-resources, but it does take up space in the topbar of the plugin(s) as I have a lot of valuable and useful plugins that are essential to my development workflow.

Reason I say this? It’s because something like this being built by Roblox Engineers since the preview is already built into the toolbox would be easier to implement to the properties tab.

This should also work on the website and originally going to be in #platform-feedback:website-features, since some might not have the time to go onto studio and instead go to the develop page and preview it there.