Add a progress bar to badges

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to see how much progress I have on the badges. It is really painful to scroll through everything and count up.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because it would make it so much easier to get the consecutive days badges and view your progress on all of the badges. It could also prevent you from doing something useless while trying to obtain them.


This feature would be super useful. Right now, the “workaround” is to download your data and filter through the csv. You should not have to export all of the data from every single post you’ve ever made to find the one day you weren’t online, the number of posts you have with 5+ likes (which includes unlisted posts for whatever reason), or whatever other nonsense.


Would be good, but will only work for selected badges.
e.g. Post Approval, you only get it once. Not multiple times like (e.g.) Admired.


Not the best example, since it’s now unobtainable (I think?) and there isn’t really much progress to it. You get it unexpectedly, there aren’t any stats that determine when you’ll get it.

You can’t get admired more than once, read the badge description. Even then, you could have progress bars on badges you can get multiple times. If your topic has 40 likes and you view your progress on the Great Topic badge, it would be at 80%, with another progress bar for another topic. That would get messy of course and probably wouldn’t happen but theoretically possible.


Support, this is a really good idea.


I think the point is that it makes sense to have a progress bar for stuff like Admired, Devotee, or similar, while it doesn’t make as much sense for things that don’t have progress, like Welcome, Certified, or Autobiographer. Regardless, I think that has a pretty obvious solution; only use progress bars for badges with progress.


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I thought you said that admired can be obtained multiple times (which it can’t) judging by this line.

Anyway, I get your point and I agree. It would get incredibly cluttered and visually unappealing if they were to add this for “recurring” badges, not even talking about confusing UX.


I guess I support but I really hope your main objective in using the forum isn’t to gain badges but to ultimately use it as a development resource and help other developers. I admit, I sort of pay attention to badges, but it’s not as important as other things.


Why is this necessary? The devforum is not about badges, badges are in my opinion useless and don’t serve a purpose here.

This is good advice for the OP.


I agree you should not focus on it too much, but it is cool from time to time to do something fun like badge hunting.

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Badge hunting for what? I don’t understand your desperate need to gain badges, because that’s not the reason you’re using the devforum, right? This would mainly encourage users to just game the system by making useless posts for likes.


I thought this was about the website badges! :flushed: That would be very useful as well though.

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Awesome Idea! I cant Script but I assume the coding for it would be like, BadgeProgress Add 1 Point
Or something?


That’s what I meant. Badge hunting is not really useful.

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Don’t you mean:
BadgeProgress = BadgeProgress + 1?

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Its a good idea but i would rather want this in Roblox.

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Why do you need badges? There should be no exterior motive for posting helpful posts. No support.

They already do, sadly.
What has this forum come to.

No support.

Adding a progress bar to badges will only add to the issue of people farming stats. We really don’t need this.

In fact I believe badges should be removed.

I was told to add a reply here in place of creating my own topic since it does aim to solve the same issue so I’ll add my response.

As a DevForum user, it is currently too difficult to see how many days we’ve visited the forum consecutively.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because I would be able to get an actual concise number, for which I am not relying on my counting skills.

Currently, the process of finding how many days you’ve visited the forum is to go to your activity page and use the export all button, then sift through the visits.csv file. Should you want an actual number, you have to actually examine the dates, look at each individual one, you could skip over one of the dates, which would make the number drastically different. All in all, it doesn’t seem like something that is worth doing.

My assumption is that this number is being recorded on the backend anyway , which is apparent by the existence of streak badges. My request is to simply expose this number. The days visited already exists on the profile, under stats, so asking to see how many of these are contributing to my active streak does not seem like something very outlandish to ask for, especially if we can get this number manually, even if it takes awhile.