Add a Quick rejoin button to Studio

Currently when you are uploading assets, some of them might fail to load. In order to see them to review whether or not they’re usable, you often have to rejoin the place in studio for them to load in properly (or when your co-dev in team create needs to see them, for example).

Rejoining can sometimes take a some time, especially if you are working on a place in a ‘universe’ and you first have to join the Spawn place etc. before you can open the place you want to work on.

I propose a quick rejoin button so developers can save a little bit of time when they have the need to rejoin.

  • In favor of adding a rejoin button to studio
  • Not in favor

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The solution is to automatically reload the assets that fail to load or have finished going through the moderation queue. Having to re-open a place on a regular basis to see assets is awful.


This will be a great alternative solution. Better idea than a rejoin button.


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