Add a required “Translated by” credit to the game page

As a Roblox Translator it is almost impossible to prove ones credibility when it comes to proving whenever a person did or did not translate a game when the developer doesn’t credit the translator anywhere in the game nor allows to put credit in the description.

Many people uses this to their advantage and makes claims that they translated the games to build up false credibility. The only way of proving it is by going to the translations table and actually checking the history of changes.

If Roblox were to address this, it would reduce the probability of someone getting scammed out of their money and in consequence, losing any interest in getting their games translated (which hurts the site’s goals of giving the best experience to everyone on the platform). By making it a required part of the game page, it would also be a lot easier for one to prove their credibility without accidentally leaking something, they weren’t supposed to leak. It would also help other developers contact the translator to possibly hire them for a job.

I know that this could be easily dismissed under “Roblox isn’t liable for user to user agreements” but I do feel like it would be in the site’s best interest to make, something that helps and attracts a lot of non-English speaking users, more secure.


In my opinion, Roblox should add a proper ‘credits’ system (either automatic or manual, likely the later :man_shrugging:) for everything in development (from programming, to game design, to modelling, to building, to translations, to sound, etc)

Adding an entirely automatic ‘Translated by’ credit to a games page could be problematic. You might have translators who did a bad thing or were unreliable and who you might not want to be credited, alternatively, you could have people who weren’t involved in actual translation of the game, but still added strings or translations (e.g. engineers implementing new features, or trying to test translations).

Moreover, a translated by credit may not properly respect the scale or work put into a translators’ work. You could have a translator who only did one string to get the credit, treated with the same weight on the page as a translator who maticoulsly translated hundreds of strings.

If this were added, it’d also be cool to see the ‘Strings Translated’ (for the reasons above) and the ‘Languages Translated’ (maybe also strings translated by language??)


Yea I do see the problems with the credit but with the ability to add it manually, I’m pretty sure that the devs would give as much credit as it’s due. I also agree that an entire credit section of the game page should be thing on the platform…


It would be cool if you could view what languages a game is available in from the game page (with percentage of content translated) and then from there being able to click into a language to view top contributors for that language in order of number of entries / percentage translated.


That part might be a little misleading because some Devs don’t update their tables regularly (Like Restaurant Tycoon 2) and you might end up with 100% translated from the table but only half of the game being translated in reality.


I could also imagine this would help players from around the world try to get in contact with translators if they see a translation in a game that just wasn’t up to par. (It happens, people make mistakes.)