Add a screening process to front page games

Currently on roblox you see a problem with games being botted to the front page whether that be through players or likes. A game should go through a manual screening before being approved by a moderator before it being recommended to easily persuadable children. Most of the time you see a robux scam game on the popular tab for around 15 minutes before it get’s removed which seems quick until you realize that roblox has over a million concurrent players on average and there are a lot of kids who might have believed that.

Factors to look for

  • If the game was created by a new user and spiked quickly
  • If the game was created recently and has a large CCP count.
  • If the ratio of likes compared to visits is highly off.
  • And of course if the game is asking for information

Once a game is cleared it will be allowed to show on any of the front page panels with week or monthly re-checks that the game is still in good standing. Along with this roblox needs to seriously start monitoring their recommended games as a lot are either low quality devproduct spamming games or just scams in general.

After Approval: Some may try to bypass a system like this by uploading a simulator type game at first and then changing it to a robux scam after approval. To counteract this the factors above should first be looked at to make sure that this is a legitimate game and not some random game that somehow racked in visits with an unknown user with 10 follows. A game should be monitored after approval and moderators should be notified if there are any asset changes within a certain time period after approval.

Please let me know what your thoughts are on a system like this.

  • Should be Implemented
  • Should not be Implemented
  • I don’t care if it’s implemented

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