Add a short rule-knowledge test when you get warned on the DevForum

As currently, DevForum warnings are in the sort of messages by Developer Engagement, people could easily miss it in their notifications.
So, here’s a suggestion for an interactive way to get an user to review the rules of the Roblox DevForum when they get a warning. When you get warned, you get a notice that you need to complete a quick test with a link to a Roblox game. In the game, you get a short 5-question quiz about the DevForum rules with randomized questions. If you have passed with at least 4/5, you’ll get a code to input to regain access to the DevForum.
Q: Why not just stick with the current system?
A: As of now, the warning could just get buried in your notifications and ignored. With this new way, people will get alerted instantly about their warning and review the rules.
Q: Will all warnings get accounts quiz-locked?
A: No. Whether to require a quiz or not would be solely at the moderator’s discretion, minor offenses could just stick with the current way of warning.
Q: Will it be available to make on Discourse?
A: I do not know. This is just a placeholder idea for a quiz system and Discourse, the forum engine, maybe can’t allow a quiz system.


Then you should request at, not here. Very basic or very big features should go there.

Also it is impossible for it to be buried. Messages notifications are green. Anything else is blue. And messages are always pinned at the top of the notification list.

It is not impossible to miss if you know that you have the search function and that search function on DevForum allows you to search through your own private messages.

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the only people who would be getting so many messages a day that a flagged post/forum strike message would be drowned out are people who likely aren’t breaking the rules or posting low-quality topics and replies.

I am a new member to the DevForum, and I have yet to make my own post due to fear of getting warnings for putting it in the wrong channel or something. I have reviewed the Official Rules but I am still afraid of posting because it is alot to remember! Are warnings/bans common?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Depends (comment below)

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Warnings can be fairly common for minor things, for example maybe a post being slightly unnecessary / if you post in the wrong category, I wouldn’t take it to heart. we all get 1 or 2 warnings every few months and they don’t in general contribute to anything, however too many may hold you back from regular promotion.

Bans are very uncommon, and typically when they do occur they are deserved. By the point of someone being banned they have either repeatedly high rule violation to get strikes / posted NSFW content which I think we can all agree is a very justifiable reason for a ban regardless of circumstance. The only other reason for a ban is posting content from restricted categories, however this has been discussed and is only really enforced where it causes problems / is malicious, and im also under the impression its actively being reviewed.

In general don’t worry about posting, sages and dev rep are humans and can see you are new and while they may spam you with warnings for a few weeks you won’t get any strikes for silly little mistakes.

The main rule on this forum is just use your common sense.

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