Add a (sub)category to ask questions about Roblox itself

Currently there is no category of the DevForum (as I’m aware) that you can exclusively ask questions about Roblox itself.

Mostly all posts regarding questions just about Roblox itself lie mostly in #development-discussion and can lie in other categories. Most of these get locked and unlisted. The reason why these posts exist is because there isn’t an obvious category to put these questions, or a category at all.

If a category (or subcategory) existed on this, a lot of litter could be cleaned up on the forums and a place for these questions/topics would be able to exist.

Maybe it could be like these?


Please leave your thoughts.


Simply no. This is because the forum is exclusive to development-related topics and not miscellany conversations or questions. If you have any inquiries or concerns about Roblox, you should contact Roblox Support. Questions like: “How can I find my previous playing games” or “Robux hasn’t been added to my account after purchase” belong elsewhere, not here.


Yeah I see your point, but I feel as if the category could provide a way faster reply and better answer than Roblox Support could honestly ever preform. I have been waiting 4 days for Roblox Support to reply to me. I’d rather have an actual answer than a copy and pasted robot-like “human” answer.

There is the lounge category, and the support form exists.

I love the idea, however this is the development forum, so a category like that wouldn’t fit here well. (Although to be fair it would cut all the spam out of the other sections which I wouldn’t complain about)


I get what you’re saying, basically we should have a more direct form of communication with Roblox, since this isn’t their email? I’m addressing the elephant in the room here, it’s hard to get my thoughts together on this, but it’s pretty crucial we have a more pronounced form of validating reliable developers so they can receive closer-ended communication from Roblox.

There may be something that exists now I don’t know of, but I believe good developers should have an opportune, direct way to communicate with Roblox chaperones.

The most critical aspect about this idea; The top performers have a better probability to perform well, because they have the guidance they need, when they need it most.

Some of the reasons it would put a big stress on the Roblox offices…

They would need an organizer that is backing the staff plan in the first place.

The organizer or group would have to pitch how the new job position is going to not only work but legitimately profit the business.

They’d have to figure what the chaperones are allowed to do and when, the amount of chaperones needed, accounting for the relevant developers that are applicable and why, the applications themselves…

If you want my opinion, I trust something like this would benefit developers massively in short term AND long term.

Chaperones could be set up in a way that’s very very similar to the forum, but it’s curated in a way that a staff-able amount of chaperones capably communicate with their developer circles.

I’m all in damn it Please do it, David! :heart:

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No. Because its devforum not robforum. Also we can talk bout roblox on #development-discussion

Most of these get unlisted because they’re spammy and off topic.

Roblox outage? Prepare for 500 threads.
An audio update? Still 100 threads a day.
Problem with your code? Another topic (although this one isn’t purposeful but on accident most of the time).

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