Add a time on forum dropdown to anniversary page

I think you guys should add a drop down that has the options oldest (time on forum newest (time on forum) let people view certain ranks, and add a search bar for people to look up anniversaries.


But… does it matter if we are able to access it or not? I mean this is after all a development forum, not a social media site.


Well, I thought of it as a neat feature. This is a social media in the sense for developers. We can message, make posts, reply. That’s the basic of a social media IMO. So I thought it’d be cool to have a little dropdown where you can be more specific about who’s anniversary you’d want to see. Roblox has added a feature like that already to the friends list. It’d just cool to add it to the Developer Forums.

But this isn’t the roblox platform. Developers come here for resources, not to take it as a social media. If it were even added, many would come and clog the forum, already adding to the current stress it faces. No, not a good idea.

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If you want you can use twitter for that.

But does it matter if you could see it or not? Already there’s a cake icon next to a users username when the anniversary comes. And if they respond you get to know.

Roblox has people from all age groups. And it’s a game platform. But devforum is meant as a resource for 13+ developers.

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This is the wrong mindset this is not a social media site even for Developers, only a platform to gain feedback, bug reports, support, and updates… seeing this as some sort of “social media” is wrong.

I suggest you focus on what’s the problem, not what’s “cool for the Developer Forum” it’s not beneficial for Developers, Cakedays or anniversaries are already in the user’s Developer Forum profile and this isn’t needed by the community.


This is a discussion forum / shared knowledge base, not social media.


Im seeing a lot of mis-information in this thread about what is and isn’t social media:

I would point out that the developer forum perfectly fits the Oxford definition of social media being a website where users Create and share content and participate in social networking which if we were to cross reference with the actual definition:

Is almost a 1 : 1 match.

Regardless, I feel this feature would be an unnecessary waste of time and resources for Roblox to implement however I agree on the fact it would be a cool feature and I would advise / suggest that you take it up on the discourse meta where you are more likely to get it implemented across all forums including this one.

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Side note on this argumentation style in first half of post: I recommend not trying to prove points by quoting dictionary definitions, if you don’t want to come across as that kind of person in the room. It comes across as pretty obnoxious.

Social media in colloquial sense is about content sharing, social networking and engagement. Developer forum is primarily about feedback and knowledge sharing, not primarily about content sharing (there’s only 1 category for that, the others are not about content sharing) nor about social/professional networking (the Collaboration category is deprecated and will be replaced with Talent Hub, and there’s also the events platform ( for networking events).

It is not a social media in the sense that twitter/facebook/instagram are. Features on the forum itself should focus on knowledge/feedback discovery. This feature doesn’t fit because it makes a comparison between users on something that is only weakly correlated to quality of discussion by that user, so it won’t help anyone find meaningful knowledge/discussion more easily.


Woah! Didn’t expect this post to become this popular. @buildthomas I wasn’t comparing the developer forums to Instagram/Facebook or whatever. I was comparing it to a content sharing website like @LuaBearyGood stated. The only reason I wanted to see this implemented is because I was trying to find something like it on the anniversary page but couldn’t. I didn’t want to turn this into a back and forth post about what this is and what isn’t. This was simply meant to be hopefully be seen by someone on the software engineer team and for them to give their thoughts on it since they’d be the ones implementing it. Also I didn’t think Lua was coming off as obnoxious, I think he was trying to relate to me from all of the backlash I got. I’ll be requesting to take this post down since it turned into such a mess.
Thanks for all of the feedback.

Post above is mostly in response to the other person, not about anything you said – don’t worry about it.

That’s obvious, but if people disagree they will comment on your feature request stating so, this will help the product teams at Roblox gauge interest and prioritize the right features. It’s totally normal and part of the feature request process to have back-and-forths on feature requests, so don’t take any feedback you get on feature requests personal. :slightly_smiling_face:


Resources should go into making worthwhile features that help the experience of sharing knowledge and feedback with other developers. This list is pointless and probably takes more effort than you’d think.

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