Add a topic template for bug reports

Bug reports are a problem on the devforums. It’s become very common for Steps to Report a Bug to be linked in these threads, and it’s not the thread posters’ fault. Topics pinned to a certain category are almost invisible if someone uses Latest, rarely browsing by individual category. It’d be great to have better bug reports, but a pinned topic isn’t going to cut it. We’re going to keep getting new members, which is a good thing in its own right, but we’re going to keep having to educate them individually as they join for all eternity.

What we need is a topic template for bug reports. Essentially, when you create a topic, there is already pregenerated text in the body. Here is what I see when I create a new topic in Movies on the Discourse Sandbox for example:

In addition to ensuring bug reports are adequately detailed, this would provide those of us already providing adequate information with a nice format to follow, saving us from having to think about how to structure our post. Though, if someone would like to create a post from scratch, they can quickly and painlessly select the whole template with Ctrl+A or manually to remove it.

The template for bug reports could be something like:

Description of issue:

What should happen:

What happens when problem occurs:

The issue happens  _____ often: (100% of the time? Randomly?)

Places bug occurs (games, site chat, etc):


Bug started happening:

This would add so much more structure to bug reports, must-have IMO.

Agreed to all of this, + we are actively looking for better methods to incorporate developer feedback and bug reporting. Look for some big updates from me in the coming months.


Another potential improvement is locking top-level categories like bug reports/feature requests so developers are coaxed to place them in appropriate subcategories, or at least guess (which is preferable to placing in a top-level category)