Add a User-Generated Asset Filter Within the Toolbox

I wish to be able to search for user-generated assets only, similar to UGC with the catalog.

I do not have the money to upload my own audio, so I often use the toolbox. 2/3 of the time I am looking for SFX and not music.

Roblox uploads music almost exclusively, while users typically upload whatever they want, including SFX. This means that when using the toolbox, I want to search specifically for User-Generated audio as I will have to do less scrolling and look through fewer sounds.

At the moment, there are filters to search Roblox-uploaded audio and for audio generated by a specific user/group. I would like a third filter to be added which only shows UGC.

If this feature request were to be implemented, I would be able to find SFX much easier and quicker.