Add a warning to Intro to Plugins saying some plugins may be malicious

Currently, the Intro to Plugins page does a good job of explaining how to install plugins, but not the risks attached with installing them.

It also refuses to mention that plugins can be installed from the library

Im not going to bang the same drum saying plugins are being abused right now, I’m sure we’re all aware of that, what I’m requesting is that the Intro to Plugin page mentions that this is happening so an unsuspecting user doesn’t accidently install a virus and get their game backdoored.

The reason this spreads is due to many users being naive, adding a warning to the Intro to Plugins page can help users realise this is happening.

I also understand that the toolbox plugins are curated, so it kinda makes sense why this has been overlooked.


There should also be a warning about how some users copy original plugins or better, they can put a symbol on popular plugins’ original versions. I’ve seen people creating a group named as creator’s name so it will look like that person created it.