Add a way to cancel/undo flag

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to cancel/undo the flag when accidentally flagged someone. Because one time, when I flagged someone at the same time as they edited their post. And when I tried to find a thing to undo/cancel but there’s no thing to do it.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because DevForum moderators wouldn’t waste their time checking my falsely flagged someone and it would be a good thing to add a feature or a way to cancel/undo flag.


I don’t think this is a necessary feature. When you post a flag, the moderator should review it. Incorrect flags are already rejected and a report cannot be sent, whichever of the report options in the topic or answer is relevant, in order to avoid the same flags.:black_flag:

Also, when you write your message in the “Something else” option and send it, go to the "Messages" section and go to the sent messages. From there you can edit or delete your message.
Also, you don’t have to worry about it. Even if you made an incorrect report, the topic or answer you reported will be reviewed, as there may be another issue.

In addition, this feature is unfortunately not possible, as this will create confusion. :face_with_monocle:


On Discourse forums, on a profile there is a thing called helpful flags (moderators/admins of the forum can see this) and if they ever reopen Regular again, then people may not be able to get it to due to accidental unhelpful flags.

You’re completely right on deleting/editing your message, I don’t know if it deletes/edits the entry on the admin panel though.

How is it not possible? This was literally a feature a couple years ago, but it was removed for some reason. If a post is flagged for, being in the wrong category for example, and the OP can easily correct it, then the flaggers should be able to undo it once it’s in the correct category.

I discussed this with the Discourse team. We are working on more details about the flag system and also for new updates.

I understood what you said. However, it is possible to send a flag accidentally or otherwise, in cases where there is no need for a flag. Moderators deal with such situations (you can see their activity status). Many moderators approve thousands of flags.

The part that can create confusion is the problems that can be experienced in cases of withdrawing the flag. Although it is not relevant for the community, some panels may experience problems.

I hope I was understandable.

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Hey, I’m not sure you can say this if you are not employed under Civilized Discourse Construction Kit, Inc.

I guess this is more for if the user doesn’t change their post so that it fits the rules, so a moderator gets to it before the user changes it, but we should be able to reduce the amount of flags for mistakes a user can easily correct (and that they do it), like for being in the wrong category.

I’m not sure what problems having less flags to address causes, considering this was a feature before. If “something else” is not trivial to undo, then that’s fine – but most users will use one of the predefined options if it describes what’s wrong.

Even if moderators can easily ignore the flag, in the event that they need to do a check on a user for the flags they submit, it may look bad because you flagged a post when it was breaking rules, but was later edited to comply with them. This is just assuming moderators get the updated post from the flag queue, but since you claim to be part of discourse staff, I would appreciate confirmation on whether or not moderators can see information about the post’s state when it was flagged (because sometimes things can be edited in within the grace period therefore not making a new diff in the edit history), as well as the relevant source file. Thank you

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