Add a way to disable commisions for in-game sales of third-party items

As a developer, it currently impossible to prevent game developers from taking a 10% commission when my catalog items are sold in their games.

If this issue is addressed, it would improve my development experience because then I can keep the entire 70% for items I’m selling.

The most important use-case I see is to prevent unscrupulous scripters from taking back 10% of what they are paying for an item.

My specific use case though involves a weird group-game setup. I have items I am selling on a group, and I have a game on my Roblox profile that got somewhat popular before I got BC, but now sells these clothes in-game.

The problem I’m facing is because of this commission system, 10% of the income is being directed into my profile when I’d rather have all the income going to the group.

I thought of just copying the game to the group and shutting down the one on my profile to fix this, but I have not finished researching the potential damage to play activity from doing so.


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