Add a way to mass-report accounts


As a Roblox user in general, these phishing bots are a menace. I’m asking for a way to report multiple accounts at once. Whether this takes the form of a built-in site function or just simply an email address we can use, it would help stop the poor moderators being swamped with reports every time a new wave of bots emerges.

Obviously there’s the risk of such a system being abused. To mitigate this, it could be locked behind a hidden account flag. I understand this is not a solution to the bot problem, but it would be one more tool in the arsenal and I for one would be happy to put in the time to report every bot I come across.

Thanks for your time.

Report several spammers or comments

There is no point in overloading the moderation system with separate reports about these bots, this will just make moderation worse in all other areas where they are already lacking due to the number of bots that would each get a separate report. The bots should be tackled in batches by the right engineering teams working at Roblox. You can send a single report explaining the situation so they can forward it to the right people.


I’m a dummy and never thought to include a message in any of my reports. Thanks!


I haven’t taken time to look into this, but is this not solvable simply by locking account creation behind a reCaptcha?


Captcha and ReCaptcha can be tricked by machine learning with a fairly high success rate. In the event it can’t, there are always Captcha farms. I think account creation’s already behind a Captcha anyway.


I think someone said it was behind a captcha from signup, but the backend api was open. I’ma try to find that post.


Nope. I went to the public API test site and was able to make a random account simply by firing off an HTTP post request.

edit: sorry for the week old necro-bump, just realised the date. Sorry.


They better be birthing AI as a reason for keeping that endpoint open.