Add activity levels

At the moment I personally think that on the Roblox developer forums there is nothing really to work towards making less people to want to post, comment or be active and is also I feel making the forums less active and making there not much reason to actively post or message on the DevFourms.

My idea is to add forum activity levels. You would be able to see how active someone is on the forums and after reaching a certain level they will get different ranks. This will allow people to be more active because they will have something to show and other people can view how long and trusted in the community someone one.

You could have the level they are on next to there name tag (the levels could either be like a number level system or a level name system. I just think in general this will allow all of the developers to have something to work towards even though most devs post for the fun of it I feel.


I’m not a fan of this idea, it gamifies this place too much and it’s already pretty bogged down with users who treat it like a numbers and badges game.

If it was a way to work towards regular, I’d be more likely to support it, but still overall against it (with the current state of the devforum, at least)


Helping people / giving feedback to the platform should be enough, DevForum is not a social media and nothing should be encouraging people to post other than the want to help others, posts made with other intentions in my opinion tend to be less helpful as people are either just posting to get their stats up, or posting for no reason.


No reason reason for this to exist as trust levels already indicate this.

They really don’t though.

  1. Trust levels you can’t even get ranked up and there is only one level

  2. Trust levels where (unsure if this will be changed when they are active again) only able to be ranked up to regular and only when you do things like report bugs and stuff so it’s not really ur activity.

Want to know something stupid? They said that they are working on a replacement for regular. But heres the thing, they said this TWO FRICKEN YEARS AGO.

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Yea I know. I remember that when I joined Regular was still a thing you could get but then shortly after I joined you no longer could :sob:

I don’t see why it’s taking soo long. Best bet would be to do it based on activity but you need to have certain things to get it (e.g you should have like 1-2 years visited, some amount of hearts, amount read) cuz some of that is hard to get and is impossible to get just within a few days which would be good.

Tbh before the way the regular system worked I kinda feel was unfair cuz regular should be people who are active, been a member of the community for a while and are clearly trusted not people who do lots of bug reports and things like that.

For example I feel like my activity is fair (if not over the fair amount) to get regular:

As an active devfourm user, im in the same boat with you.

My stats:

I personally think you should at least have 1 year (365 days) of days you have visited to be honest because I just feel like if you do any thing under that I feel someone is less trusted to have regular. If someone has less then a year and have low stats then someone could easily get the trusted level.

(not at all to be rude towards you, I am not at all saying your not active it’s just by personal option)

Fair enough, but im on devfourm bassicly every day (sometimes im not active as ussaly as im at camps). But other than that, im on bassicly daily.

That’s to much. I feel that at least 10 days of read time is required and that’s it.

I think the forum should be a supporting tool for Roblox creators, not something that should take center stage.

It doesn’t make sense to award people for time spent on the forum. The platform should encourage spending that time on creation instead.

Promoting well-formatted questions and appropriate answers to support questions is another ordeal and one that is worth pursuing. But not just how active you are on the forum, because 90% of the content here is extremely low quality discussion and support questions/answers as-is already.