Add ammo system to Weapons Kit

Thank you for your efforts
No, this can not be a problem
And it can even look like a real weapon (you remember you do not have an ammo but you change the ammunition!)


Here is a Full Preview video of both the Ammo System and the Reloading System. Please dont mind the quality and the lag, i dont have a proper screen recorder, so i decided to use the roblox screen recorder (I recorded this in Studio):

And here is the video with the bug I was saying above, where you can still press R to play the animation and sound, but thankfully not the gun:

(Btw the videos ive given are unlisted, only people with the link can see this video)

And here is a picture of what you can customize yourself (some cannot be customized freely):


Hey, this is fantastic
Everything is exactly as I wanted it to be
Um, just a tip
Is it possible to set the Ammo box to fill only the ammunition of a particular weapon?


It is obviously possible, and I did have a good idea for that. But it would require more wait for both systems to arrive. What would you say?


Well, this system is needed for my game, and in fact I need it
Thank you, you always help


Just a little question: Do you want the LimitedAmmo (the value that displays how much ammo left to use) to update right when a player presses R, or only update when the Gun is loaded.

I think it would be better if we update the LimitedAmmo value right after a player presses R to reload because i figured sometimes (with an automatic or submachine weapon), while you are reloading and keeping the mouse button down, the LimitedAmmo value subtracts more than what it was meant to subtract (by 1 or 2 ammo) after reload. This is an understandable bug (obviously not a serious bug), and the only solution i can provide is to update the limited ammo right after players press R.

I may be asking too much, but all i need is clarification to continue really.
For now, I will be making it when player presses R, the LimitedAmmo updates right away.


Yes, I think like you
Ammunition must be updated when the player presses the R button


Thanks for your help
It helped me a lot
But one question
Is this the end of the work or is it still going on?
Because we said above that you can put ammunition in your backpack and use weapons (like Battle Royale games where you have to collect ammunition and weapons separately first)


This is not the end of the work. I just need a little break though, maybe a few days. I will be thinking about how i will make ammo collection and weapon collection separately, so dont worry. Just use the ammo boxes above for now. If i have a good idea for the ammunition and weapons system (like battle royal games), i will reply back.

And you are welcome!


HI! Where is the Ammo System and the Reloading System?