Add an filter to hide all solved posts

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to look through unsolved posts. Half of the new or latest posts that come through get solved in 5 minutes, and the solved posts clutter up the list.

If Roblox can address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum because I could go on unsolved posts more efficiently instead of wasting my time clicking on solved posts to clear them from the list.


Does the post filter not suffice?


I want it for the New and Top sections as well. This only works when a specific category is selected.


You’re gonna have to ask discourse for this one, consider posting on their forum.

Why is this not sufficient?

I doubt you want to see all unsolved posts across categories at once, it makes more sense to browse a specific subset of posts for unsolved (e.g. “I want to find all unsolved help requests and help people out”)

That’s not true, you can see unsolved even without choosing a caregory


Hey @PosFind thanks for the feedback. If you filter down by a specific (sub)category, you can then browse by solved/unsolved with the filter someone pointed out above.

This filter is not available from the main categories page because not every category has the solution feature enabled.

I believe you should be able to browse unsolved posts per subcategory and achieve your use case. Please give us some more details if this does not satisfy your use case.

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Hey did you try this before posting here? The filter is there:


The crux here (mentioned in my previous post) is that you need to filter down to a category first.

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