Add an Introduction to Roblox for new players

When you first join Roblox as a new user, there is no in-depth tutorial on Roblox. Of course, there are several you can find, official and unofficial, but you still need to look for them.

When I first joined Roblox I didn’t care, or to be more specific I didn’t know, about scams, groups, the chat filter, etc. I didn’t even read the introduction message from Builderman until about three months after I first joined.

Unfortunately, this led to my first account being hacked. It was only then that I realized the dangers of scam games, websites, and groups.

Which brings me to my point: There should be a standardized introduction/tutorial for all new accounts. Would everyone read it? Certainly not. But for the many, many, confused new players, I’m sure it would help some of them.

What we have now is sorely lacking.
When you first join, the only thing you get is an automated message from Builderman. Most of that is an ad for Roblox, that doesn’t contain any real tips.

  • The avatar section doesn’t mention that there are only about twenty items from Roblox that are free from the catalog. It doesn’t even mention where these free clothes are.

  • The friends section fails to mention most, if not all, unsolicited friend requests are ignored. Most friends come from meeting players in-game, in my experience.

  • It talks about groups but doesn’t link to anything.

  • The account safety tips link is just a link to Roblox Community Rules, which honestly reads more like a ToS, instead of an article.

What we should have:

  • A more easily noticeable introduction. (As I mentioned earlier, it took me a few months to even use the messages section.)

  • Actual account safety tips, such as the fact that it’s nigh-impossible to get free Robux, game passes, or in-game purchases. Or some examples of scam games, groups, and messages.

  • The basics of the chat filter, why we need it, etc.

  • The basics of Robux, groups, trading, the catalog, and Premium.

  • How to report players.

  • How to deal with rude users.

  • How to deal with exploiters.

  • If a user is < 13, a section for parents would be great too. This way they could talk to their kids about Roblox too.

If this information is added to the introduction we already have, I whole-heartedly believe new players would have a much easier time learning the ins and outs of Roblox, and by extension, Studio. While it is a lot of information that not all kids may be able to fully comprehend, with some help from parents, I believe they’ll be able to understand it too.

The introduction message from Builderman, if you're curious and haven't read it in a while:

I’ve highlighted the links I talked about.