Add an option in Studio settings to change the color of scroll bars in the Script Editor

As a Roblox developer, it is currently quite difficult to see where the scroll bar is located against the white slider background and I am left in an annoying position clicking around the length of the scrollbar until the script editing frame is finally where I want it to be.

Not sure if this is only for me, but the current grey outline indicating where the scroll bar is in the slider is a bit too vague when I am looking at it directly and is almost invisible in the case that I am trying to locate it with my peripheral vision. I figured that a change of color should be already available in Studio settings, but obviously I didn’t find anything. The poor choice of colors can be demonstrated in this image:

Maybe I’m just colorblind, but I see almost no difference between the color of the scroll handle and the rest of the bar aside from the vague grey outline. If this issue is addressed, it would make navigating within a script a little less annoying, and at least I would have an easier time seeing the scroll bar.

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Personally, I would rather see the scoll bar color defaults changed rather than an entire option under Studio settings.

What do you want the defaults to be? Personally, I think they should be bright yellow and bright pink.


A darker gray for the background of the scroll bars would probably do the trick.

I don’t necessarily think the change is urgent and most people probably won’t notice, but I’d rather see the defaults of the scroll bar colors changed rather than more options just to change scroll bar colors.


Personally, I’ve always been a fan of Windows 3.1 “Hotdog Stand” theme as seen below.

As a developer, this would be very much appreciated.


I think this would be great; needs more dark brown and bright pink tbh.
Apart from that, seems perfect. This would be very needed.

This seems like the most critical feature we should work on right now. We’ll get on it.


Let’s get this done on the double? Drop everything to focus on this?
24 to 48 hour turnaround time? :thinking:

Emergency merge on a Saturday.

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