Add an option to hide games with unsupported language in the Translator Portal

As a Roblox Translator, it is currently too hard to keep tabs on all of the games that you’re currently translating. Since the Translator Portal was released to everyone, there are people who add popular groups to the list of groups allowed to translate their games and this results with the Translator Portal clogging up the with games that don’t support certain languages.

As an example, I’ll use one of the games that I work for - Treasure Quest. Since the game rarely would get updates, I wasn’t really keeping tabs on it translation-wise and since HALF of my Translator Portal games are games that don’t support Polish, I can’t view all of my games without having to scroll through random games.

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If Roblox were to address this issue, it’d help translators optimize their workflow as well as make it easier for them to keep up with updates to the translations tables.


Despite the post being made a couple months ago this is still an issue and continues to get progressively worse by clogging up the translator portal for us translators.

Another thing I’d like to add as an alternative solution would be disallowing people that don’t have game editing permission to assign a certain group to the portal.
let’s say you’re a member of a group and you’d like to add that group to the translator portal to somehow advertise your game. It would simply just disallow it due to the lack of permissions from your rank in that group.

and then there’s the individuals that could get added, I suggest adding an approve, disapprove and block button regarding the translation request for a game. This would allow us to keep our portal clean regardless.