Add another Pinned Topic in Forum Questions explaining the promotion hold for Members

As a Forum user, it can get tiring in #forum-help:forum-questions having to explain the same duplicate posts as to why Ranking from a Member to a Higher TL is on hold for the time being

I understand that you could literally solve the issue easily by saying that:

“Post Approval has been removed in 2020 and that a replacement for it is slowly but surely being worked on”

And we have alternatives (Messaging @Bug-Support, @DevEngagementTeam), but it just seems like an everyday common thing that repeats the same question and fills the entire category with 50% topics asking close to the same thing, as some people don’t seem to conduct further research why

ROBLOX at one time did manage to take into account a couple of these FAQ’s back then, both being the Title/Role/Tag Next to your Name, and the Profile Picture/Username not Updating topics so I don’t see any reason not to include this one as well

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my experience using the forum as it would be 1 less common question to worry about when creating a Forum Question & it’d help prevent the further spam of asking common questions like “How do I get Regular?”, or “When will Post Approval come back?”


I dont look in this section very much, but when I do it’s always flooded with those kind of posts. I’m pretty sure they’re coming back soon, but Roblox is known to make empty promises sometimes.
Besides that, I agree with this.


We need this. I have gotten 7 notifications in the past week about this or posting in Regular only categories (#bug-reports and #feature-requests). I have also noticed an increasing number of this kind of topic in the past month or so.


Edit: And since December I have gotten 20+ notifications about being promoted/posting in #bug-reports or #feature-requests


I highly support this. This will help reduce duplicate and spam topics.


Hey folks, is this still an issue?

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There’s still very regularly users asking how to rank up, as well as users creating bug reports in the wrong categories.

A pinned (and preferably highlighted as bright as possible) post explaining that rank ups are no longer a thing and that bug reports are meant to be sent to @Bug-Support would be a great idea, even though there’s still going to be that ~5-15% who doesn’t read it.

(so yes it’s still a big issue)

I haven’t checked this website in a while, but I’d assume it still is

It’d really be appreciated if there was a pinned post relevant to this issue wondering why, considering that some new members of the forum rarely even know how to obtain these ranks & as a result, tend to create topics in the wrong/improper categories due to their curiosity getting the better of them rather than conducting the proper research & finding out why you aren’t getting ranked even if you meet the “proper requirements” for a specific rank

Still an issue. I think we should also have pined topics about posting feature requests and bug reports as @cpguy5089 said. And it may help if we edit the topic template to include a link to these in an HTML comment.

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Created a topic here explaining how to post bug reports and feature requests and hinting at our plans to improve the workflows in the future:

I did not explain the actual underlying trust level mechanism here since I believe that is probably not what most people want to know. They just want to know where to go to get their feedback posted, so described this part instead.

Thanks for the feedback.


Just reading through this and from a reply to me on a thing related to member feature requests, you said @Bug-Support now has power to handle them, but on this post it doesn’t mention it?

Also, the last time I checked, we can’t currently reply to feature requests

The canonical use of the group is for bug reports.